The Alyona Show: The Audacity of Liz Cheney

The conservative group “Keep America Safe,” founded by Liz Cheney, recently ran an ad linking Attorney General Eric Holder to Al Qaeda. The group has labeled the lawyers who represented former Guantanamo detainees and are now inside the Justice Department as the “Al Qaeda 7.” Retired US Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is live in studio with Alyona to give his thoughts and frankly, you don’t want to miss it.

US President Barack Obama has decided to close the International Labor Comparisons Office, a division inside the Bureau of Labor. Set up in the 1960’s following a request by President John F. Kennedy to monitor employment trends in Western Europe, the Obama administration has decided closing it will save $2 million a year. Opponents of the closing say it’s nothing more than an attempt to cover up damning statistics of outsourcing American labor. Gregory White of the Business Insider joins Alyona from New York to discuss.

Then, Geert Wilders, a strong candidate to become prime Minister of the Netherlands and leader of the Party of Freedom,  has sparked controversy across the world. He adamantly opposes the mix of western and Islamic cultures and accuses those who follow the Koran of wanting to take over the world. Nationally syndicated columnist Diana West is live in studio with Alyona to discuss the significance of recent local wins for Wilder and his party.

Later, on the heels of a recently released memoir, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is in the news again. Some believe his ongoing book tour is a precursor to a run at the presidency in 2012 . RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao was with Mitt Romney earlier in the day at the National Press Club and now she’s with Alyona to tell us about it

Finally, after the MTV program “Jersey Shore” created a ratings bonanza in the US by playing up stereotypes about Italian-Americans, a program based on the same premise but with a Russian flavor, is now being considered in the Brighton Beach area. Makhail Ratikin is attempting to be on the show and has auditioned already. He dropped by the studio to chat with Alyona about why he wants to do this.