The Alyona Show: Taking on China

Accusations against China for unfair economic practices have grown louder in the United States recently, and a showdown on trade and currency could be just around the corner. The world’s two largest economies don’t see eye to eye on many issues but few, if any, are as important and volatile as trade. Daniel Ikenson, Cato Institute’s Associate Director at the Center for Trade and Policy Studies, along with Jeffrey Laurenti, Director of Foreign Policy at the Century Foudnation sit down with Alyona to dig deep into the potential firestorm.

A Department of Defense official allegedly hired former CIA and special operations forces to collect intelligence on targets inside Afghanistan. That intelligence was then passed on to current CIA officials and action was taken against those targets, sometimes resulting in deaths. This goes against government protocol and raises serious questions about how the U.S. is putting together information in Central Asia. Military analyst Joshua Foust joins Alyona to discuss the implications of contracting intelligence gathering inside a warzone.

Then, a popular trend in mainstream news media involves having public relations firms disseminate information to news outlets and then having those stories appear as “original content.” Mike Masnick from the blog Techdirt, joins Alyona to tell us about the numerous “stories” he receives from public relations firms every day. He tosses them in the garbage, but later sees them as news on some of the most trusted names in the business.

And, in a heartbreaking and eye-opening story, RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao brings us a tale of desperation, suicide and depression at a South Dakota Indian reservation. Kristine sits down with Alyona to bring you an exclusive look into a forgotten group of Americans and their struggle to remain strong.

Finally, it’s called “The Game of Death” and it’s a French reality television program. Contestants torture their victims on screen if they answer questions incorrectly and while no serious physical pain was involved, 80 percent of the contestants “killed” their victims when given the chance. So, would Americans enjoy a show that purveys the torture of other human beings? RT Producer Jennifer Churchill and Alyona debate.