The Alyona Show: Summit Special Sessions

 While the Nuclear Security Summit is underway, some lesser known, but still important, meetings are occurring. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed an amendment to an agreement originally made 10 years ago, but was never implemented. Alyona checks in with RT correspondent Anastasia Churkina to get the facts about this meeting and the implications of the agreement.

From all of the media coverage and the list of attendees, the Nuclear Security Summit definitely seems like a big deal, but does it usher in a new era, an era of a world moving closer to securing nuclear materials with the hopes of one day eliminating them altogether, or will this summit be remembered as a spectacle, with no clear results? Alyona and Robert Leonard from the Ploughshares Fund discuss.

Then, online publications are winning Pulitzer Prizes, and the mainstream media is covering stories like new that have been circulating for days, sometimes weeks. One can't help but ask, is the Internet dictating what's on television these days? Alyona catches up with Georgetown University Journalism Professor Christopher Chambers to figure it out.

Later, Arlington National Cemetery is the place where America's heroes are buried. But all is not well at Arlington. It is currently under investigation by the military, thanks to, who uncovered a growing problem. Alyona discusses the issues facing the cemetery with Mark Benjamin, the Salon reporter who broke the story.

Then, Alyona follows up with one of our most viewed and asked about stories, CMKM Diamonds. She chats with CMKM shareholder Dave Nelson about the struggles that the shareholders have faced over the past few years.

Finally, in 2009, the US government issued 1,130,818 new Green Cards to foreign nationals, which allow them to work legally in this country. With unemployment through the roof, many Americans are enraged that this number was the fourth highest number of Green Cards issued in history. Jenny and Alyona battle it out.