The Alyona Show: Stoner Nation

 DC has become a fan of weed. As of two days ago, medical marijuana has become legal in the US capitol. Does the fact that DC now allows medical marijuana mean that attitudes around the country are changing? Steven Steiner, founder of Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers, argues progressives are controlling Washington and anything goes. He debates this trend with Allen St. Pierre, executive director at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, who argues that many people support legalization of marijuana.

Then, American children can’t compete with the rest of the world. US President Barack Obama is taking a stab at reforming the education system, calling for accountability. His plan is to encourage charter schools, and a Race to the Top program, in which the states with the highest scores and success rates receive an extra check from the government. But teachers unions are outraged. Alyona hears from someone who works with students every day. George Brandley head of the English Department at Green Pot Public School argues that you can’t measure teachers on student’s test scores.

Your job may no longer exist. In the decades to follow your job will be at risk, and not just blue collar jobs. White collar jobs will also face major global competition. Gabor Steingart, author of “The War for Wealth: The True Story of Globalization" explains that America needs to re-think its strategy and bring back the old production and manufacturing jobs. But will America be able to stay afloat?

Then, could the US military be responsible for the people of an Iraq city experiencing worse effects than the bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki? A new report claims that people from Fallujah are suffering higher than normal rates of cancer, leukemia, infant mortality, and sexual mutations. Fallujah underwent not one, but two heavy attacks by US troops that used depleted uranium shells to pierce through targets. Alyona asks Mina Al Oraibi, chief editor of Alsharq Alawsat, if Iraq feels the US tried to poison them on purpose? Al Oraibi describes the scene on the ground and explains there’s no direct evidence but a problem of accountability.

And, Republicans and their buddy Fox News hate the poor. Alyona Unplugged takes on Fox and the Republican Party. Millions of the unemployed and poor vote for Republicans, a party that says if you are unemployed or poor it is your own fault. Are Republicans doing a great job pretending to look like the Average Joe, or do people not know their own candidates? Alyona talks to Jenny Churchill, Ms. Middle America, to find out why people are voting for the politicians that call them dumb and lazy.