The Alyona Show: Still unemployed? Suck it up.

Extending unemployment benefits has been a long, drawn-out battle. Anthony Randazzo, director of economic research for Reason Foundation, joins Alyona to explain why he’s not a fan of extending benefits and how this is a personal issue. Randazzo says there are other ways we can encourage the unemployed to look for jobs.

Then, Alyona calls out the White House for acting too quickly in calling for the prompt resignation of Shirley Sherrod. This isn't the first time this has happened, Van Jones and Yosi Sergant resigned under pressure because they became the headline stories on Fox News. Alyona says that the White House clearly feels threatened by Fox. Alyona asks Radio Host Thom Hartman what the White House is really scared of.

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is hosting America's inaugural Clean Energy Ministerial, at which stakeholders and ministers from 20 different countries are present. Alyona asks if the US in the position to be hosting these events while the chances of a clean energy bill passing in the Congress are, at the moment, out of reach. Alyona asks Teryn Norris, director and founder of Americans for Energy Leadership, what will it take for lawmakers to realize that the US is losing out to other countries and for people to change their lifestyles.

Later, "American exceptionalism" came from the idea that America’s success story was a result of God’s divine intervention. The term has expanded to include Israel, and was the theme of this year’s Christians United for Israel Summit in Washington, DC. RT correspondent Jihan Hafiz joins Alyona to explain how this group is influencing US foreign policy.

Finally, the seven-year itch in relationships has became the standard excuse for anyone looking to stray from their husband or wife, but according to new research, it's a myth. A study by the Grant Thornton accountancy group says that the biggest threat to marriages comes 12 years in. Relationship expert Diana Falzone tells Alyona what an itch really is and how cheating is  easier now. Also, hear Diana’s take on a new print advertisement with a transgender model.