The Alyona Show: Spill, baby, spill

 An oil spill happened more than a week ago at a rig some 50-miles off the Louisiana coast. The oil has now reached the coastline and experts say this could turn into the worst spill in US history. The accident has reignited the debate over the safety of offshore drilling just after US President Barack Obama approved drilling off several eastern US states. Given this recent disaster, what is the future for drilling off US coasts?

Is Afghanistan turning into the "Long War" of our time? The similarities of the two wars are striking, and obvious comparisons can be drawn. So, is the US army facing a similar end to the war in Afghanistan? Alyona and former State Department official Matthew Hoh discuss.

Then, The Alyona Show takes a look at how individuals and families are affected by lives between borders. Most come for the dream of a better life, some make it, and some don't. Alyona talks to RT correspondent Priya Sridhar about what she saw on a recent trip to the US-Mexico border.

Later, anybody that really knows how Washington works, will tell you that K Street is where the big players are. It is the home of the 11,000 or so lobbyists you can find in Washington's hallways and back rooms day and night. These men and women  spent $3.48 billion dollars last year. We wanted to know more about lobbying, so Alyona interviews Graham Wisner from lobbying giant Patton Boggs.

FInally, last week , Arizona passed a controversial new immigration law and now the Arizona  state legislature has passed a bill that would ban ethnic studies programs in the state because critics say they advocate separatism and racial preferences. On top of that, the state is now pushing for school districts to re-assign, if not get rid of, teachers with heavy accents. Sure, some would say that there's small details that provide reason for everyone one of these rules. But if we look at the big picture, is Arizona just on an anti-immigrant spree? Alyona and Jenny Churchill discuss.