The Alyona Show: Sixty-fifth anniversary of Hiroshima

It’s the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing and for the first time the US sent a representative to attend the memorial ceremony in Japan. Lauren debated with a Tea Party candidate over whether or not the US should have attended. The US never apologized for dropping the bomb on Hiroshima, could this gesture mean times are changing? Tea Party Congressional Candidate Chrystopher Smith is was opposed to sending a delegate and he debated the ‘symbolic gesture.’

Is television and entertainment media converging into a monopoly, dragging the Internet down with it and ultimately hurting you as the consumer? Also on the agenda was the merger of NBC and Comcast. Some have argued this will form a monopoly that will only hurt consumers across the country. Sam Seder, former Air America Host says he does not see anyone gaining from the convergence. He argued that it would hurt the quality of the product, consumers and entrepreneurship.

More bad news for the economy with the release of July’s jobs report but you would never know about this depressing trend if you’ve been listening to remarks from the country’s chief executive. When does continued optimism from Obama turn into outright lies? For three months in a row President Obama touted private sector job growth as an achievement for the economy. Lauren discusses with The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson, what price are the American people paying for the people who are keeping their jobs? How will Americans get out of this slump when public figures are not saying anything?

Rap News – the latest in news and information sharing! Two rappers have taken to the web to both entertain and inform via rap antics that take on today’s top political and current affairs topics. Lauren spoke with Giordano Nanni of TheJuiceMedia about rap journalism.

And don’t miss this episode’s ‘Tool Time’ winner; failed congressional candidate Vijay Kumar! In Tennessee he lost his bid for the Republican nomination and Lauren thinks she knows why he lost. Check out his political ad that ran calling for a war against Islam!

It’s Friday and time again for the Slutsky Mash-Up! The Slutsky Brothers take on the week’s most wild and ridiculous news from across the US and the world. From a witness to an attempted rape in Alabama becoming a YouTube sensation, to a Tennessee governor candidate getting hundreds of votes after a bizarre TV appearance. You don’t want to miss this!