The Alyona Show: Sanctions for Iran

The US and its allies wasted no time in responding to Iran's newly brokered deal to ship low enriched uranium to Turkey. Clearly the US and the other major UN powers didn't think that was enough, as Hillary Clinton announced May 18 that a draft had already been agreed upon for a new round of sanctions against Iran.

Now that Iran is facing more sanctions, it may be worth asking if they really work. We've imposed them onto North Korea and we've placed trade embargoes on Cuba as a way of saying we don't support the leadership in whatever country it is we're restricting economically. But did any of those leaders step down? Or has the public born all the burdens? Alyona talks to Dex Tirricke-Barton the Crisis Communications Officer for the United Nations.

Then, Kentucky is at the center of the excitement and anxiety surrounding the primaries on May 18. Political newcomer, and son of political outsider Ron, Rand Paul is the man that everyone is talking about. Partly, because he's got the backing of the Tea Party, and as a result many see his victory as a true test of whether or not the movement has any political clout. Alyona talks to RT Correspondent Dina Gusovsky live from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Aside from Kentucky, there are two other primaries worth watching, one in Pennsylvania and one in Arkansas. In all three cases we keep hearing the words anti-incumbent and anti-establishment. These are the apparent feelings of the populace. Of course, we won't know if any of that holds true until the results are in. But in the meantime, we can at least speculate as to whether voters have any idea of what they truly want, or whether this supposed revolution is just politics as usual. Alyona discusses with Brent Budowski, a columnist for The Hill.

Then, apparently Jesus hates Socialists. And Barack Obama. And, for that matter, anyone that leans left, and is therefore a Socialist. This is all according to Coral Ridge Ministries, a right-wing Christian organization. They make these accusations in their new documentary, "Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger." Dr. Jerry Newcombe is the host of the program and spoke with Alyona.

Later,  we showed you part one of Cedric Moon's story about sex offenders in Florida. Thanks to a slew of legislation from one city to another, some sex offenders have found that the only place for them to live is under a highway. It seems inhumane. But what about when you hear from the people that have been the victims of sexual crimes? Alyona talks with RT Correspondent Cedric Moon about his experience meeting them.

Finally, America is known as the land of opportunity. The place where immigrants have traditionally come to build new lives. But recent trends show that times are changing and that emerging economies are giving the US a run for it's money. Alyona discusses with RT Correspondent Priya Sridhar.