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The Alyona Show: Ron Paul 2012

 A new telephone poll by Rasmussen pits US President Barack Obama against Congressman Ron Paul (Republican-Texas) in a hypothetical 2012 presidential race, and the results were shocking. It turns out that as of right now, an election between the two would be too close to call. Does this mean that we might see Ron Paul as a serious candidate in 2012? Alyona discusses the possibility with congressional candidate Adam Kokesh.

The Securities and Exchange Comission filed a civil suit accusing Goldman Sachs of securities fraud. They claim that the bank created and sold a mortgage investment that was secretly devised to
fail. This could be a landmark case: This is the first time that regulators have taken action against a Wall Street deal. Alyona catches up with Joseph Weisenthal from The Business Insider live from our New York Studio.

In the midst of the Nuclear Security Summit there was a lot of international PR. From the Kazakhstan posters to the Israel Project advertisements. So where do these PR blitzes come from, and who is behind them? Alyona talks to RT Correspondent Jihan Hafiz to figure it out.

A Colorado magistrate ordered Yahoo to hand over e-mail communications less than 6 months old...but Yahoo fought back, with Google, the EFF, and The Center for Democracy and Technology backing them. And what do you know, the government stepped down. But is it really a victory for Yahoo? Or was this the federal authorities' way of ignoring a larger issue, and hoping that next time, they won't be caught? Alyona discusses with Ryan Radia from the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

As the BRIC Summit wrapped up and the countries involved pledged to work together for a multi-polar world, they also pointed fingers at the UN. Most significantly, Brazil and India, who have for a long time been pushing for the UN Security Council to expand, to include them. These requests have been ignored time and time again, but now, with BRIC's role increasing on a global front, could there be a chance that the UN will listen? Alyona catches up with RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya to get the facts.