The Alyona Show: Return of the Neocons

The neocons are back! You may have thought they had been pushed out along with the Bush administration, but these neocons with their aggressive war records are back. For many, the return of one man, Frederick Kagan, has cemented the neocons' return. He has now been hired to help fight corruption in Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government. Radio Host Thom Hartman explains the influence of this group in the Obama administration. He also says neocons choose violence rather than diplomacy and they make war seem inevitable.

Then, corruption in North Carolina’s crime lab has resulted in some devastating cases. The lab withheld or has given faulty forensic evidence in over 230 cases over a 16 year period. Three of those cases resulted in execution, and lying, corruption, and pressure from prosecutors were rampant. Radley Balko, senior editor at Reason magazine, says there’s not enough science in actual forensic science. He explains how evidence is found to support their theory of who they think committed the crime, rather than the other way around. He calls for a different method to find the right people who committed the crime.

No more prostitutes on Craigslist! Attorneys General in 17 different states across the US have banded together to call on Craigslist to discontinue their adult services section. Attorney Sienna Baskin, co-director of the Sex Workers Project, explains that eliminating Craigslist isn’t going to solve any of the trafficking problems.

Then, the first genetically engineered animal for human consumption is in the process of being approved. Genetically modified super salmon, brought to you by AquaBounty Technologies, is pumped with DNA from an eel-like creature and could be hitting grocery stores near you. If it's approved, it could open the door to a large range of genetically modified animals being raised for consumption.

And, do you Americans know enough about genetically modified foods and can you trust them? Can we trust our regulatory agencies? Gregory Conko, a food safety expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute explains that GMOs aren't linked to obscenity and there’s no new risk. Jaydee Hanson, policy analyst for the Center for Food Safety explains the role the consumer plays.

Finally, the American dream of owning your own home is about to slip away. The Commerce Department announced that new home sales fell to the slowest pace on record since 1963. But the good news is, this doesn't seem to affect one place in the slightest -- Manhattan. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster explains why New York City is like nowhere else in the US.