The Alyona Show: Record Pay for Wall Street, Again

Reports have stated the recession officially ended in June of 2009 even though it doesn’t fit with the skyrocketing unemployment rates, foreclosures and wage cuts. Well, it turns out Wall Street looks like the one place in the country, where it does fit. According the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street pay, is set to break a new record high for the second consecutive year. Zach Carter, the economics editor for AlterNet argued that these people couldn’t be that valuable. He discussed what they’re getting away with it and how things aren’t as stable as they may seem.

Then, what team is the Obama administration on when it comes to the Foreclosure-Gate Scandal? The American people, who were hit by a foreclosure without bank employees even checking the documents or the Wall Street banks that screwed up again, and are not facing any punishment. The administration made clear they don’t support a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures but Politico’s Ben Smith said that's because Wall Street has threatened Washington that playing politics could endanger the economic recovery. Marcy Wheeler, a blogger for Empty Wheel at Fire Dog Lake explained what the administration doesn’t want to be talking about right now and how this is really fraud.

Despite FOX New “Fair and Balances” slogan, they’re not exactly known for being Latino friendly so it’s pretty ironic that they launched their new Latino website that actually caters to Latinos who speak English. Laura Martinez, an independent writer and blogger specializing in Hispanic media & marketing explained that Fox is trying to reach the second or third generation who tend to be more conservative, rather than recent immigrants. Adryana Boyne, the National Director of VOCES Action argued that FOX isn’t offensive and said they are unbiased.

And, over the last few weeks, the news cycle has been filled with tragic stories of gay teens committing suicide. At the same time, we've had to listen to politicians like New York's Carl Paladino bash homosexuals. It's a larger trend of prejudice and hate, and one that often starts with bullying. The documentary ‘Bullied’ aims to teach schools and teachers to teach understanding and realize that bullying against gays is turning into a life-threatening problem. Jamie Nabozny, a Safe Schools Advocate, and also the main subject of this new film discussed how harassment can escalate in schools. He said that every student has a constitutional right to be protected.