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The Alyona Show: Reassessing Network News

The US capital starting taking applications for same sex marriages on March 3. It’s a monumental day for both gay rights and Washington D.C.  One of the unique aspects of the battle in D.C., unlike in other states that have legalized gay marriage,  was the strong opposition mounted by the African-American community. Rev. Patrick Walker joins Alyona live in studio to discuss this opposition and dissect this intensely debated issue.

After numerous recent cyberattacks around the world, Americans are debating how to proceed in forming a strategy. Is this issue imperative to national security, or is it being overstated by news media and those who stand to benefit from perpetuating this fear? Wired contributor Ryan Single joins Alyona to debate the issue.

Then, the US Department of Justice has opened an inquiry into whether or not some of the country’s largest hedge funds secretly colluded to bring down the value of the Euro. The DOJ has told the alleged hedge funds to save all related documents related to their handlings of foreign currency. RT Correspondent Anastasia Churkina joins Alyona from New York to break it all down.

Later, recent reports that ABC News will cut around 400 employees has caused network news in America to question its future. Are business models and formats outdated, or do the networks simply have to put more emphasis on new media? Resident media expert, the always sharply dressed Joel Silberman, joins Alyona in studio to discuss the future of network news inside the United States.

And finally, photographer Peter Van Agtmaek brings The Alyona Show photographs from his recent trip to Afghanistan. The pictures and Peter will show you what Afghanistan truly looks like.