The Alyona Show: Re-writing the Constitution?

US Senators John McCain (Republican-Arizona)and Joseph Lieberman (Independent-Connecticut) are attempting to push through a bill that allows for indefinite detainment of people deemed “hostile” to the United States without giving them access to Miranda rights. Constitutional lawyers and civil rights groups have come out in force to oppose the idea, declaring it unconstitutional. Shahid Buttar from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee joins Alyona in studio to discuss the proposed legislation.

While unemployment remains high across the United States, men are losing their jobs at higher rates than women. In February, 10 percent of men were unemployed while just 7.9 percent of women were out of work. What’s going on with this "mancession? Author David Paul Kuhn is with Alyona to debate.

Then, a group of people have begun to declare themselves sovereign from the United States government. The problem, they are legal residents of the US. The sovereign citizens have created original identification and declare their homes as embassies. J.M Sovereign Godsent is with Alyona.

And, finally, with over 60 percent voter turnout across the country, Iraq has had what observers are calling an open and democratic election. The election was considered a text of Iraq's stability as American combat forces prepare to withdraw by August. Suhail Khan of the Institute for Global Engagement and Jordan Tama of American University are in studio with Alyona to discuss the meaning of Iraq’s national election.