The Alyona Show: Protests, Protest Everywhere

The Rachel Corrie, an Irish ship named for the American activist killed in 2003, is still making its way towards Gaza with 20 passengers aboard including a Nobel Peace Laureate. Adam Shapiro, a member of the Free Gaza Movement joins Alyona to continue discussion of the Israeli raid on the Freedom Flotilla as more information continues to come out. Would another violent attack throw the region into greater disorder?

There is plenty of anger on the streets of Washington, DC over the Gulf oil spill. RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao was outside BP's lobbying headquarters in DC to see what the protesters were saying.

Then, have you heard the words "economic recovery" being thrown around lately? On June 4, they seemed to disappear. The Labor Department released its latest jobs report, which was a far cry from extraordinary; stocks tumbled. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster breaks it down.

Later, drone use by the US has escalated to unprecedented numbers under the Obama administration as part of a significant shift towards killing alleged Taliban members rather than capturing them. Some would say it's a more effective way to fight the enemy while reducing US casualties, but it could also be the easiest way to avoid legal backlash and confusion that comes along with detainment. Either way, will it lead to victory or loss? Matthew Alexander, a former senior interrogator joins Alyona to discuss.

Finally, sex scandals...We all know that we eat them up, and the latest comes from South Carolina. At the end of the day will this sex scandal work in Nikki Haley's favor? Alyona talks to sex educator and author Jayme Waxman.