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The Alyona Show: Presidential Press War

 Following the Nuclear Security Summit a scathing article appeared in The Washington Post criticizing US President Barack Obama's treatment of the press during the summit. So, is Obama snubbing the press corp, or is he just trying to do his job? Alyona and Thom Hartmann discuss.

Apparently U.S. Special Ops forces are again playing an expanded role in the counterinsurgency campaign to "hold and build" tribal areas as militants are cleared out in Pakistan. And, there's word that a new Pentagon proposal would deepen that role by creating a special $10 million pool of funds the trainers could spend more quickly on civil affairs and humanitarian projects. So how deep do the special ops really run in Pakistan? Alyona discusses with Haider Mullick a fellow at the Joint Special Operations University.

Then, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was back testifying on Capitol Hill, and approached the word "recovery" very, very cautiously. So what do we see in America's financial future? Anthony Randazzo from Reason Magazine and Christian Dorsey from the Economic Policy Institute are in studio to discuss.

Later, on January 1, 2010, four students embarked on a journey from Miami, Florida to Washington, D.C. They are four immigrants who moved with their families to the United States at a very young age. They are marching for equality, and for the DREAM Act, which would give certain undocumented
high school graduates an opportunity to attend college and enlist as well as a path to US citizenship. Alyona interviews two of these students to see what their walk has been like so far, and what they expect to happen when they get to DC.

Finally, President Obama will be in Florida tomorrow to discuss the future of NASA. Just last week Obama released his budget for NASA, which killed Bush's constellation program. The budget also called for the US to depend on Russia for rides to the international space station. But that was met with harsh criticism, because that will mean thousands of job cuts here in America. Obama has since made some revisions to the NASA budget,  but what does the future of the space program look like under Obama? Alyona and commercial space pioneer Jeffrey Manber discuss.