The Alyona Show: Petraeus vs. Obama - Who is really in charge?

It looks like there is no end in sight for the troop withdrawal debate. General Petraeus made the media rounds defending America's war in Afghanistan, but not promising that the July 2011 withdrawal date will still apply. Dr. James Carafano the senior defense policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation explained how Obama made his job a lot harder after he set a withdrawal deadline.

Next is the drug war and immigration the same thing? Not every illegal immigrant crossing the border is bringing drugs with them. So how do we set the record straight, and have a serious conversation about drug war policies, and drug war violence, without involving immigrants who cross the border to find a better life? Michael Whitney, online organizer for Fire Dog Lake Action says the real problem is the cartels not the people coming to the US to work. He explains how legalizing marijuana would suppress the drug cartels.

Meanwhile … Some Americans are bringing their weapons, joining militias and heading for the border. These individuals say they're doing the job the president refuses to. Harold Hubbard, a member of the Cochise County militia, explained that his militia watches for drug and human smuggling and notifies the border patrol. Hear how he describes what the border is really like.

Then, watch out America, China's right behind the US, surpassing Japan to become the number two economy in the world. Is China a threat? The Chinese economy is set to overtake the number one US spot by the 2020's if today’s trends continue. It’s already the world's largest exporter, auto buyer and steel producer so could it become the world's largest military power, too? Stephen Yates with the American Foreign Policy Council explained why it’s unlikely for China to pass the US without hitting any economic bubbles or downfall as some have predicted.

Hostile remarks are coming from some Republican leaders in light of the Ground Zero Mosque debate, but what about Republicans who are Muslim? Has the party given up on the Muslim vote forever? The Huffington Post says a group, including former Bush officials or others with strong ties to the GOP are working behind the scenes to tone down the rhetoric. Suhail Kahn, former Bush administration official and board member of American Conservative Union, explains why it is a sad time now that George Bush has left. He discusses how the GOP has been alienating different groups and loosing votes.