The Alyona Show: Pentagon Hides Cost of Afghan War

Midterm elections are only a few weeks away and a new poll shows that very few Americans think Afghanistan is an important issue. Only three percent of Americans mentioned Afghanistan as the most important problem facing the country today. US military veteral Jake Diliberto with RethinkAfghanistan explained Americans are left in the dark when it comes to the war and how much the government is spending. He said the US is run by the elite who dictate when and why the nation is at war.

And, what happens when DARE has unintended consequences and a kid narcs on their own parents, ripping a family apart? A fifth grader brought his parents' marijuana cigarettes to school, and reported them, which lead to the arrest of the parents and social services stepping in. Radley Balko, a senior editor for Reason Magazine and said DARE is giving the wrong impression to kids by comparing pot to drugs like cocaine and explained why the program is effective.

Breaking News! It gets your attention even when some news reports aren't that accurate or urgent. Is this just a method to put the withering television news back in the spotlight? RT’s Priya Sridhar explained that ten years ago you would only see breaking news when there was something breaking but today it’s very common given the pressure to fill a 24 hour news cycle and to remain competitive.

Bloggers are apparently a dangerous breed! Alaskan Tea Party Candidate Joe Miller had his guards handcuff and illegally arrest the editor of the website, Alaska Dispatch. On top of the blatant lack of respect for the first amendment, the Miller campaign had released a statement entitled "Liberal Blogger Loses it at Town Hall Meeting" and described the man as an "irrational blogger". Sam Seder, a political satirist and commentator explained that voters are frustrated with the economy and they’re looking for a way to vent, so candidates like Joe Miller or Sharron Angle may actually have a shot in the US elections.

Comic-Con is one of the fastest growing shows to travel the country where people come out to see the latest in comics and many dress as their favorite superhero. Now, we know superheroes can protect people from the villains, but what if the villain is the threat of a double dip recession? RT correspondent Anastasia Churkina said despite the economy Comic-Con fans are still coming out and spending the money to enter this fantasy world.