The Alyona Show: Peace talks: Bowing down to enemies?

Peace talks are underway between the leaders of Israel and Palestine, but how effective will the talks really be? Are Netanyahu and Abbas the two leaders that can make peace happen, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thinks so. Attorney and human rights advocate, Noura Erakat said these peace talks aren’t different from past talks. She explained that Obama’s hope and desire isn’t enough. Jordan Sekulow, human rights attorney and Director of International Operations at the American Center for Law & Justice argued that the talks were more of a political stunt by Obama.

Then, a second oil rig has exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, testing America's response to oil spills in the region. Has the US learned anything from the Deepwater Horizon spill? Oil rigs regulating themselves were a big problem. Jonathan A. Schein, Founder of ScheinMedia discussed the situation.

On the economy, Ben Bernanke has left people scratching their heads once again. Dina Gusovsky breaks down what Bernanke said at a recent public hearing, where he called for more regulation and oversight. She explained how both the Democratic and Republican parties are pointing fingers and are quick to blame. Gusovsky said, to top it all off, Bernanke may be getting even more powerful.

With more on the economy, find out what could happen when the Bush tax cuts lapse. The tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year and a growing number of moderate Democrats are balking at the idea of boosting taxes for the rich. So what’s more important, letting people keep their money or reducing the deficit? Nicki Kurokawa from The Winston Group said people support tax cuts to create jobs. Mike Elk, a contributing editor to In These Times, disagrees, saying the deficit and poverty were the only things that increased under the Bush administration.

Then, Lauren Lyster introduced us to a Jewish-American group who’s arming themselves against the threat of "dangerous" Muslims. But, is this group the one people should actually fear? Lyster explained how this group is concerned because of growing anti-Semitism and hate acts against Jews. These Jewish Americans encourage people to own guns since they’re enemies have guns, and that they need to know how to use them.