The Alyona Show: Obama's Nuclear World

 The White House has unveiled its Nuclear Posture Review, updating America’s policy on using nuclear weapons. This comes days before US President Barack Obama will meet Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Prague to sign a historic treaty aimed at cutting the two countries' nuclear arsenals by up to a third. Why is the nuclear arms angle getting so much play right now? Foreign Policy reporter Josh Rogin is with Alyona in studio to discuss.

The WikiLeaks video showing an American military helicopter engaging and killing numerous people on the ground in Iraq is appalling. Innocent people were gunned down in broad daylight and those who lost loved ones in the attack could not get appropriate information from the government. Now they have proof of what happened that day. The questions is, does the rest of America care? The mainstream media didn’t seem to. Georgetown University journalism professor Christopher Chambers gives his insight.

Then, we told you recently about the mass grave found near a Colombian army base, with 2,000 bodies beneath the ground. The bodies have yet to be identified and major questions are being asked as to why these people were killed?  Daniel Kovalik broke the story, and he joins Alyona to give you the exclusive.

Later, America’s unemployment rate remains at 9.7 percent. Now, a company called Talx is promising companies they will fight unemployment claims to keep tax rates lower. Basically, a new market has been started to screw people who’ve already lost their jobs. Susie Madrak, a blogger for Crooks and Liars, is with Alyona to give you more.

Finally, in Portland, Maine recently, a group of women ran through the city streets without their shirts on to raise questions about the double standard between men and women when it comes to public nudity. Men can and do walk the streets without their shirts on, but if women tried that, there would certainly be public outrage. Alyona thinks it’s fine if women want to be outside shirtless, RT Producer Jenny Churchill doesn’t.