The Alyona Show: Obama Trapped by his Generals

When I say, the American Taliban, what comes to mind? What if I told you, that these people are just your average right wing Christian Americans that you see and hear every day? Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos, argues in his new book, "The American Taliban: How war, sex, sin, and power bind jihadists and the radical right that the American right and Muslim extremists have much in common. He said the right wing is looking to get into the house and senate so people need to engage in this election to keep them out of power.

Looks like journalist Bob Woodward has ripped the roof off of the Obama White House, when it comes to decision making for the war in Afghanistan. According to Woodward, in his anticipated book, “Obama’s Wars”, he argues Obama urgently looked for a way out of the war in Afghanistan last year, repeatedly pressing his top military advisers for an exit plan that they never gave him. Robert Farley, a blogger for Lawyers Guns and Money explained that the President was frustrated with the options he was given. The two discusses why the government thinks it’s so attractive to be Pakistan.

Then, the 65th annual UN General Assembly is under way and New Yorkers are frustrated not only with the traffic and congestion but with the UN itself. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster explained that people actually have no idea what’s going on at the UN and the lack of headlines and media coverage is to blame.

And, the Tea Party believes the US involvement in the UN is pointless, and changes need to be made. Meanwhile, lawmakers are bending over backwards to accommodate the visiting diplomats and dignitaries. RT Correspondent Dina Gusovsky explained the underlining question of national sovereignty, and if these countries can forgo their own interests for the greater good of the UN.

More than 43 million people are living below the poverty line, but who are these people? For some reason, in this country, there's always been an assumption that the poor, or the underclass, are the non-white people that live in this country, and the fact that there has always been a white underclass has become taboo. Author Joe Bageant known for his books “Deer Hunting With Jesus” and “Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir”, explained that the working class are being faithfully mislead.