The Alyona Show: Obama Steps in on Sudan

UN shifted gears to focus their attention on Sudan. President Obama gave a fourteen minute speech at the breakout session which dominated the entire conversation, so is the United States injecting itself into the issue a little bit too strongly? RT correspondent Lauren Lyster discussed the reactions from the UN and if the US really is injecting itself into the issue a little bit too strongly.

Next, a group of people in the UK were arrested for burning the Koran, yet when Americans do it there are no repercussions. If convicted they will face charges of stirring racial hatred. But could freedom of speech go too far, in an era where a Koran burning in one's living room, can spread viral across the world, and incite violence. Christopher Chambers, a Georgetown University Professor and author of the blog Nat Turner's Revenge explained that lunatics and emotional people look at the First Amendment and are eager to do something.

And Stephen Colbert came to Capitol Hill in character to testify before a congressional committee. So in the changing media-political landscape, who is more influential, politicians or media figures, and is there even a difference anymore? His appearance comes just a few weeks after Glenn Beck summonsed the masses for a rally in Washington signaling a new trend in politics. Next month, Colbert and Jon Stewart are planning their own rallies in the nation's capitol. RT correspondent Kristine Frazao discussed the growing mass influence Colbert, Stewart and Beck carry over the American Public.

Then a new documentary, "The Other City” brings a new perspective to the shocking HIV-AIDS rate in DC. Producer and BET Co-Founder Sheila Johnson said the reason she made the film was to erase the stigma. She explained that the people who are really suffering from this are women.

Americans are expanding by the waistlines. A new report of leading economies say by 2020, 75 percent of Americans are supposed to be obese. Comedian Seaton Smith sauid now he’s going to feel oppressed because he’ll be too skinny. And he announces why he’s a fan of Katy Perry after her Sesame Street debut.