The Alyona Show: ‘Obama Showing His Inexperience’

It's no secret that the US has a presence in Pakistan and that Pakistanis resent the drone strikes and civilian casualties that have resulted. Just days ago, helicopter air strikes killed more than 50 people. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, the former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, explained why he thinks we’ve been at war with Pakistan. He discusses why it would be better if the US left Afghanistan, arguing that the US has no strategic interest in the nation and our presence there isn’t helping.

Also, the Senate has blocked a new bill known as the Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act. The bill would have punished US firms that export jobs and rewarded those who brought them back to the US. Most have seen this as solely a political issue, a last ditch effort by the Democrats to give the impression that they're doing something about the unemployment rate in America. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson said it is simply natural to outsource for cheaper labor and explained that the US needs to look beyond manufacturing and think about the corporate income tax. Mike Elk, a labor journalist and contributing editor for In These Times argued that our jobs aren’t going overseas because of cheap labor instead their going to countries like China because their competitive.

Then, a Bulgarian artist living in London has decided to visualize the stereotypes between the different western and eastern European countries by creating a series of maps looking at Europe from the perspective of different states. They’ve become an Internet sensation and are pretty funny. Graphic Designer and Illustrator Yanko Tsvetkov explained how he came up with these names including calling Germany a land of ‘dirty porn.’

Next, the book "Operation Dark Heart" was burned by the Pentagon because it contained sensitive information about the war in Afghanistan. Author and US Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer said he sat down with the Army and reviewed everything taking out whatever the US Army didn’t want in the book. He explained the three main items that the Army had a problem with.

And, in the US the word "communism" has had a negative stigma for decades but one community is breaking that stigma and now even has a waiting list to get in. The idea behind it is that everyone works together as one and contributes to the greater good of their self-sufficient community. RT correspondent Priya Shridhar explained why this commune is turning away from the government and seeking an equal lifestyle.