The Alyona Show: Obama Foreign Policy: Pass or Fail?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the Obama administration's progress on foreign policy, and called for another century of global leadership. Clinton gave an uplifting speech on foreign policy, calling on the idea of American exceptionalism and noting that the world is counting on the US. But is this an accurate analysis, at a time when anti-American protests are happening more often? Brent Budowsky, a columnist for The Hill, explained that there have been dramatic changes made in US foreign policy.

Next, take a look into the extradition treaty between the US and the UK. Brits complain that it gives the US the upper hand. So why is this treaty so faulty and what can the UK do about it? Is America the real culprit or did the UK get themselves into this mess? Dr. Ted Bromund, a Senior Research Fellow at The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom explained why it’s so popular to blame the US and why it’s easier to extradite people from the UK. He discussed whether there is a way to make sure terrorists and serious offenders are the ones being extradited, instead of businessmen who commit petty crimes.

Then, the Shield Law was originally designed to protect journalists from revealing their sources but a new amendment could put that in jeopardy. So what happened to the Freedom of Speech and Press? With the ‘threat’ of WikiLeaks, Senators Diane Feinstein and Charles Schumer are working on a new amendment so the law wouldn’t apply to "websites that serve as a conduit for the mass dissemination of secret documents". So do we see this as the end of sites like WikiLeaks, and another assault on free speech? Tech Blogger and Social Media Strategist Mitch Wagner explained that when politicians don’t want things released they simply label it as a national security issue.

Obama unveiled a new economic plan today, but why won’t they just call it a stimulus? Is it because he’s doing this for political reasons? Top economists agree that his new strategy will not solve the country’s economic woes. So is his speech and plan too little, too late to save the November elections? Joe Weisenthal, Deputy Editor of The Business Insider explained that this new stimulus is too little to help the economy and how this isn’t a good move politically for Obama.

And, a move that should be applauded, the Tea Party is going to school! The party in over and fifteen states has been taking part in training sessions. But if the Tea Party all of a sudden gets smart what will Sarah Palin do? Wonkette blogger Sara Benincasa explained that there is no need to worry since the Tea Party doesn’t show that much potential when it comes to school.