The Alyona Show: Obama faces new challenges

 Mexican President Felipe Calderon has made it a top priority to rid his country of ruthless drug cartels. The response has been unprecedented violence across Mexico, with ruthless killings taking place in public squares and a Mexican police force scared to take to the streets as they fear for their lives. A top level team of  US officials landed in Mexico March 23 to collaborate on a plan to quell the violence and help Calderon take back his streets from the drug cartels. Sanho Tree, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies joins Alyona to discuss the significane of US officials in Mexico and whether the new plan is an adequate one.

Fresh off a historic domestic victory in American politics, US President Barack Obama has other issues to focus on. From Iran, to the Middle East, to the war in Afghanistan, many of his problems lie outside the United States. So the question is, will the health care win translate into more power abroad, providing international leaders with the confidence to deal with Obama on tough issues? Max Bergmann from the Center for American Progress is with Alyona to discuss.

As ACORN closes its operations, thousands of Americans will lose their outreach to federal help in finding homes, better education and health care. So what’s next for all those who relied upon ACORN to help them fend off economic hardship? Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks has the answers.

As the audit of the now-defunct firm Lehman Brothers continues, more allegations of wrong doing and illegal practices continue to emerge. The latest is a finding by the auditor that the New York Federal Reserve bought toxic assets from Lehman Brothers, knowing that it was illegal to do so. Since it’s illegal to audit federal banks, questions are being raised as to what other assets the New York fed has that shouldn’t be there. Marina Portnaya is live from New York with the story.

With some Americans up in arms about health care reform, some states are planning to challenge the authority of the federal government to force individuals to buy health insurance. This brings one of the quintessential American debates back into the forefront of national discussion. What are the rights of the states when put up against federal law? RT Producer Jenny Churchill takes on Alyona to defend the states!