The Alyona Show: Non-Combat Deaths

A new Army report shows a record suicide rate for the month of June. The report says that one solider per day committed suicide last month, making it the worst month on record. Seven of those soldiers killed themselves while on combat duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, and 10 of those who took their own lives had served in combat zones, and had been deployed between two and four times. Adam Kokesh, a veteran and former Congressional candidate explains what the military needs to do to lower these suicide rates. Alyona asks Kokesh if the deaths are a result of the current US conflicts or military culture in general?

Then, many child health experts blame "parental failure" over diet and exercise as a cause of childhood obesity. Some UK experts suggest that parents of obese children should be charged for neglect. Alyona wants to know if the government should step in to cure obesity and hold parents accountable? Would this be a nanny state, going too far reaching into private lives? Joining Alyona is Nicki Kurokawa from the Winston Group and Amanda Marcotte, blogger for Pandagon.

Today marks the 65th anniversary of the first nuclear test that lead to the nuclear arms race and the unveiling of the most deadly form of warfare in the world. RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao explains how this most deadly weapon still shapes politics today.

And, the new START Treaty to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is currently being debated in Congress. A new lobbying group affiliated with The Heritage Foundation has been established to lobby against it. Alyona asks Josh Rogin from Foreign Policy Magazine why politicians are trying to keep these bombs around.

Later, the Slutsky Brothers are back for a Friday mash-up on everything from porn to camel milk to the latest on Steve Jobs. The brothers weigh in on yesterday’s porn debate on whether watching porn makes a woman a slut, the drama of the Facebook movie trailer and the iPhone 4.

Then, watch Alyona take on Fox News for their New Black Panther Party coverage. As we enter week two, Fox is still ranting and raving about this story. They claim the Department of Justice, under President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder is racist. Why the obsession with Malik Zulu Shabazz and his followers?

Finally, new federal regulations have been issued saying Americans should have an electronic health record by 2014. A necessary part of it is recording the Body Mass Index of every single person to evaluate their weight and to determine whether or not they're obese. Alyona shows you how the government’s idea isn’t the most accurate way to determine obesity.