The Alyona Show: No Sex in the City

The jobs bill making its way through the US Senate intends to help companies bring people back into the workforce by providing tax incentives. Economist Anthony Randazzo believes this bill forgets college graduates because companies are encouraged to hire people who’ve been unemployed for at least two months. Watch Anthony and Alyona debate the issue.

Numerous states across the country have set up special courts for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who have returned home and committed crimes on American soil. Should veterans receive a lighter sentence for crimes committed because of their service to the country? Geoff Millard from Iraq Veterans Against the War joins Alyona to discuss the issue. It’s a can’t miss interview.

Then, women are leaving New York City and it’s not because they’ve gotten over the bright lights. It’s because there’s a shortage of men in the Big Apple, especially men willing to settle down. RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya joins Alyona from Manhattan to give you all the juicy details on this new trend.

Finally, numerous states across the country are attempting to enact laws to supersede coming federal legislation they don't like. It would seem these are useless fights because federal laws supersede those at the state level, however that hasn’t stopped state governments from taking the fight right to the feds and there’s no sign they’ll be stopping soon. J.P. Freire of the Washington Examiner, Chan Tei Durant from the D.C. Young Democrats and Anthony Randazzo from Reason Foundation are all in studio to debate whether the states are wasting their time, or doing what’s right for American citizens.