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The Alyona Show: No Reform on Wall Street

The financial reform bill has passed, but the Senate has killed the jobs bill. What does this mean? And what should we expect for the larger meeting of the G-20 nations this weekend? Will Europe and Obama square off on cuts versus spending? How will the passing of Wall Street Reform affect Obama’s political capital? Alyona talks to Joe Weisenthal from the Business Insider to discuss this bill, signs of an inconsistent administration and government and the future of Wall Street.

G8 leaders arrived in Huntsville Canada to hold talks before the larger G-20 gathering kicks off in Toronto this weekend. Many have argued that the eight wealthy nations have become less relevant, and are simply a warm up for the G-20. Alyona talks to RT Producer Lindsay Garfield about the major issues.

Then, since the Rolling Stone article broke earlier this week exposing the real feelings of General Stanley McChrystal and his aides, all eyes have turned to Afghanistan. What will McChrystal's departure and the arrival of his replacement, General David Petraeus, mean for the American war effort? Alyona brings light to a very important part of the equations, Pakistan. Alyona discusses with Haider Mullick, a senior fellow at the US Joint Special Operations University.

Later, the House voted to reform the controversial campaign finance law that passed the Supreme Court. The Disclose Act is a set of reforms that are designed to re-close campaign spending doors that were opened in the Supreme Court ruling of the original finance law. There are a few exemptions among these restrictions. The NRA, AARP, and the Sierra Club don't have to abide by the same rules as everyone else. Radio Host Thom Hartmann joins The Alyona Show to explain.

And finally, it's Friday and Alyona gives her views on Viacom's fight with Google in her weekly fireside chat.