The Alyona Show: NATO vs. Israel

Many nations are criticizing the US for being on the wrong side in the debate over the Freedom Flotilla--even Turkey, one of its closest friends in the Muslim world. Alyona talks to Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks to ask him what he thinks of the US response. 

US President Barack Obama may have inherited the economic crisis and two wars, but the BP oil spill has happened under his watch as did Israel's raid on the flotilla. This is a time when he needs to inspire people and lead. But what kind of a leader is he? Alyona is joined by radio host Thom Hartmann in our New York studio and Sara Smith from the Young Conservatives Coalition in Washington to discuss.

Then, the annual Bilderberg conference really is as elusive as it sounds. This group of elite members from all over the world meet annually to discuss big business and the global economy, but the gathering doesn't allow any press, nor will it publicly release names of those in attendance. Activist groups accuse the Bilderberg participants of secretive and nefarious plots against the rest of the world, and many others share their skepticism. Alyana talks to RT Correspondent Laura Emmett from Sitges, Spain where this year’s conference is being held.

Finally, a recent UN report says that drone attacks are leading to a "Playstation" mentality in the US military when it comes to killing the enemy. According to a UN official, the US conducts more targeted killings than any other country in the world. But drone warfare doesn't come without an ethical debate. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster joins Alyona to discuss.