The Alyona Show: Mission Accomplished in Iraq?

US President Barack Obama was out making a victory lap talking about the end of America’s combat mission in Iraq. He made this pledge clear in a tweet-a big promise made in 140 characters. But has it really been a success? Jon Soltz, co-founder and chair of says the war is a huge failure. Steve Connors, director of Meeting Resistance, says if this focus on Iraq is to distract from the waning support and deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan.

Then, the American people may not be getting the help from President Obama, yet they’re still applauding him. There’s still a long road ahead before Americans will see the economy improve. Foreclosures are increasing in 75 percent of the nation’s largest cities, and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has said that Americans are dealing with unemployment, lost savings and foreclosures. Jihan Hafiz sits down with Lauren Lyster to describe how more people are blaming President Obama, but on the other hand they still have hope for his message. Will people’s patience for the president wear out?

Howard Zinn, a playwright, historian and anti-war political activist, was seen as a threat and subjected to government surveillance. Lauren Lyster talks to his former colleague and co-editor Anthony Arnove who says Zinn was fighting for all civil liberties. Arnove talks about the investigation and FBI files and says how the government is suppressing and intervening in peaceful movements.

Then, bus ads are sparking a religious battle over Islam. A Muslim group posted, “The Way of Life of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. Islam Got Questions? Get Answers!” Another group sponsored the campaign “Muslims for Peace, Love for all, Hatred for None.” Find out how Stop Islamization of America responded. Pamela Geller from SIOA explains why leaving Islam is punishable by death. She debates with Dr. Waseem Sayed national spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, who emphasizes that Muslims must speak up and explain that Islam teaches peace.

And, check out this rap video inspired by WikiLeaks and its mysterious founder Julian Assange. A number of US government officials have been condemning WikiLeaks for publishing the classified documents on Afghanistan. RT Producer Lucy Kafanov has the details on the mysterious encrypted file called “Insurance” that WikiLeaks decided to upload, adding fuel to the fire and setting off speculation about what this massive file could contain.

Then, President Obama has asked for the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell saying it’s time to allow gays to openly serve in the military. Watch Lauren call out Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council for a webcast where a doctor identified as a former Army physician says that if gays are allowed to serve in the military then HIV rates will increase. A straight soldier can get HIV just as easily as a gay soldier. Lauren also calls out Oliver North's comments in this webcast. Will military recruitment will go down because parents don't want their children around gay people? And because gay people will serve in the military porn will be watched? We are a nation involved in two wars and if someone is willing to die for our country, shouldn't they be allowed to do so, if they are gay or straight?

Finally, some economists have been saying that the US could be headed for a deflationary period similar to one Japan experienced in the 1990s when the country's economic expansion ground to a total halt. Business Insider Gregory White calls for a structural re-think on how the US is spending money. He explains how defense spending isn’t putting people to work and cuts need to be made.