The Alyona Show: M.I.A video is MIA

 MIA is a famous musician the world over. She exploded with her hit Paper Planes, she's known for her crazy fashion, and now, she'll go down in history for the controversial new music video called Born Free. The video was pulled from airing in the US on YouTube and now the world is abuzz over the controversy. But perhaps the real point is, that no matter what you take from it, the video makes people think and music often does challenge society's norms. So what is really going on with this Video? Alyona and Christopher Chambers discuss.

Goldman Sachs executives got grilled on Capitol Hill. In a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing, Carl Levin and other lawmakers questioned Goldman Sachs' role in structuring and selling certain deals and investments during the financial crisis and housing market meltdown. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster was at the hearing and she discusses the situation with Alyona.

Then, the US Supreme Court recently denied a bid Tarzana, California attorney Richard I. Fine to be released from jail. Fine has spent more than a year at the LA County Men's Central Jail, which is, according to the ACLU, the worst jail in the United States. So what could keep a lawyer in the jail for over a year? Alyona talks to author and radio host Stephen Lendman.

Later, some are calling it immigration bashing and racial profiling, but what's are the consequences of Arizona's controversial immigration bill? With this new law in place, if you are stopped by the police, how exactly do you prove your legal status? We did some digging this afternoon to try and answer the confusing questions, and we came away more confused. We spoke this afternoon with several immigration attorneys, a spokesperson for a state lawmaker in Arizona and had a hard time getting a straight answer. Alyona talks with Eleanor Pelta, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, to try to figure it out.

Finally, there are some people out there who think the mainstream media hasn't been covering the Arizona immigration story fairly. They're using their favorite talking point, that there is a clear liberal bias in the mainstream media. But while you can definitely pick on the media for always opting for the more visual option, like showing protests and telling emotional stories.....this time, they've got it right. However, RT Producer Jenny Churchill doesn't agree.