The Alyona Show: Mexico Turns on Obama

US President Barack Obama's popularity here at home has taken a hit due to the economic crisis. However,  while his approval rating has fallen in the US, he remains popular in most places around the world. But a new Pew Research Poll finds Obama is losing support in Muslim counties. He's also facing a huge drop in support in Mexico. His popularity has fallen 18 points there, and many are attributing it to Arizona's new immigration law. Alyona discusses this with Nezua, the creator of the blog The Unapologetic Mexican, and asks him if he thought this huge drop in Mexico was a direct response to the problems in Arizona.

The G-20 gets underway next week in Toronto. With the world slowly starting to recover from the global economic crisis, many issues are waiting for world leaders in Canada! Will the US finally get tough with China over its currency manipulation? How will leaders deal with the euro debt crisis? And will there be the mayhem we have come to expect every time this group of 20 all-powerful leaders convene in one place? RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster joins Alyona to discuss the G-20

Then, imagine it for a second that you are sitting at home frantically searching the Internet for job listings as your unemployment is running out, and your pantry is growing more and more bare. Finally you find a listing that seems like something you qualify for, only to see these words at the bottom of the listing...."Unemployed candidates will not be considered." It seems crazy that during a recession with millions unemployed that none of them would be considered for a job, but apparently its happening all over the country. Alyona talks to Norm Elrod, author of the blog Jobless and Less.

Later, it's on! The battle for Latino voters is in full swing. The campaign to win the Latino vote in the states like California, Texas and New Mexico has always been paramount, but in light of the new law in Arizona and its strong support from many Republicans, the issues have become increasingly complicated. Just this week the Texas Republican Party put out a Spanish speaking ad... which conveniently doesn't mention immigration... And just yesterday California Republican candidate for Governor Meg Whitman putting an ad asserting she is on the side of the Latino community. Is the Latino Community buying it? Alyona talks with immigration activist Juan Jose Gutierrez to figure it all out.

And finally, it’s time to have a little fun on this Friday evening. We have a wide range of issues to discuss from the week with the Slutskys: A firing squad with live updates via Twitter, a pissing match between MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and bloggers; and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange asking Iceland to be a home to free journalism. Alyona talks with Matt and Peter Slutsky, founders of DoubleSpeak Media. And then Alyona introduces a new segment where she gives her final thoughts of the week.