The Alyona Show: McChrystal's Insubordination

There is a feeding frenzy over General Stanley McChrystal’s interview to Rolling Stone magazine. The general apologized, but should his insubordination cost him his job? US President Barack Obama summoned him to the White House to tell him if he's fired or not. But what will the broader repercussions be for America's war in Afghanistan? Alyona brings in Dr. James Carafano, senior defense policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation, and Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson, former chief of staff for Colin Powell, to discuss the situation.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Eric Holder and the US government in the case of Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project. The justices voted to uphold the constitutionality of a federal law that makes it a crime to provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations and they expanded the meaning of material support. Now we are no longer talking just weapons and money. Lawyers, journalists and academics are now all in danger of prosecution. This is a massive blow to the first amendment. Alyona talks to radio host Thom Hartmann to ask him if the Supreme Court has taken another step in eroding American’s free speech.

Then, the process of making a baby can be described as a miracle. However, many older couples facing complications from trying are turning to designer babies. Egg donations have increased over the past few years, and the market is becoming more popular and more competitive than ever. RT Correspondent Priya Shridhar sits with Alyona to discuss the booming egg donation industry.

Later, the anti-immigrant craze in America continues. The Alyona Show has spoken at length on Arizona's immigration law, but now Nebraska is joining the club. Yesterday, residents of a small city in Eastern Nebraska voted to banish illegal immigrants from jobs and rental homes. So is this law just a racist measure? And, is it worth it? Alyona brings in Jenny Churchill to chat.