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The Alyona Show: Marching for Public Education

 Across the United States, students have taken to the streets to advocate lower tuition. The idea sprung from protests in the University of California system but have found advocates across the nation. RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya joins Alyona from New York to tell us about protests there.

The landmark Brown v. Board Education case brought integration to America’s public school systems. More than 50 years later, America’s schools are statistically more segregated than before the civil rights era. Georgetown University Professor Christopher Chambers joins Alyona live in studio to discuss why this is happening.

Then, a group of Americans have begun to test the limits of their lawful right to carry a loaded firearm in public. In states where carrying a firearm in public is legal, private businesses can choose whether or not to allow guns into their establishments. As a result, certain patrons have begun testing the waters to see what businesses will and won’t allow a loaded weapon onto their premises. RT Producer Jennifer Churchill joins Alyona in a fierce debate of gun rights in America.

The disconnect between Washington and the rest of America seems to be at an all-time high. Candidates running on an "anti-establishment" platform in the 2010 midterm elections are expected to do well. Are Americans justified in their discontent with Washington, or do they really not understand how Washington works? J.P. Freire from the Washington Examiner and Chan Tei DuRant from the D.C. Young Democrats debate the issue.