The Alyona Show: Mainstream media vs. the truth

The debate over the Islamic cultural center planned for a location near Ground Zero and the unfolding WikiLeaks scandal has been called a “distraction,” but Salon’s Glenn Greenwald says that calling these stories a "distraction" is just a way of getting people away from the real issues. For example, the "Ground Zero mosque" debate is not simply about a single building, but about the rise of Islamophobia. Greenwald discusses how secrecy is addictive and how in a Post 9/11 world, national security is used as excuse to justify a top-secret America.

Then, the idea of bombing other countries always seems ok and even necessary in the freedom-loving, democratic United States. Radio Host Thom Hartmann says the US needs to consider what kind of relationship it needs with Iran and that threatening to bomb every time something goes wrong may not be the best strategy. He explains that time is on America’s side even if Iran gets a weapon.

Despite US civilian and military aid to Pakistan, polls show this isn't buying America any goodwill in the eyes of the Pakistani public. A poll shows that half of all Pakistanis believe the U.S. gives little to no assistance to their country. Aisha Chowdhry, writer and director of ‘Pakistan: Inside the Tinderbox’ explains that the Pakistanis she spoke to said that they’re not seeing US aid or any improvements, and many believe the money is going straight into the pockets of their politicians.

Then, Facebook portrayed itself as a progressive company, but then trampled on privacy and is now removing ads that support the legalization of marijuana. The removal of these ads from Facebook is a blow to the efforts to get pot legalized in California. What kind of company is Facebook anyway?

And, US wages have dropped to the point where it’s now cheaper to hire Americans for call centers than workers in India and CNN Money says that five more investing bubbles are about to burst. Anthony Randazzo, director of economic research for the Reason Foundation, breaks down the dismal US housing market. He says that this is the start of a new normal and maybe not everyone has to own a home right now.

Later, a topless protest with pasties included at Venice Beach this past weekend drew a crowd to protest gender inequality. These topless women said that if men are allowed to walk around shirtless and bear their chests in public, so should they. Watch footage from this protest and hear what a counter-protester said to a woman.

The fearless Tea Party patriots are a little scared of their nation's capitol. They’re packing up for Glenn Beck’s rally this weekend and they’re bringing along the Tea Party guide to DC, which shows them the safe places to go and what metro lines will keep them in the non-scary parts of Washington. Comedian Seaton Smith says they need a black friend to take them everywhere around the city. Seaton gives his advice on where to go in DC.