The Alyona Show: Lowkey, Live from London

Lauren interviews British Political Rapper Lowkey, who says the siege of Gaza is not legal. He adds it's not the first time  the Israeli Defense Forces have targeted US citizens, and US President Barack Obama seems to be ignoring the problem. Lowkey also talks about his controversial song "Obama Nation." He says the intention is to show Americans how they're percieved by the rest of the world.

A heated debate raises questions about Israel's attack on the Gaza flotilla. Lauren discusses the incident with Shimrit Meir of the Israel Project and Mubark Awad from Nonviolence International.

Then, when Lauren interviews The Washington Examiner's J.P. Freire, he says wind turbines aren't the answer for America's future, despite the problems with oil. Freire explains why we need oil and why the government needs to take a back seat.

Finally, RT Producer Jenny Churchill hit the streets of the nation's capital on Memorial Day to talk to the veterans of Rolling Thunder. In her interviews, she found mixed feelings about the way Memorial Day is celebrated and how Iraq and Afghanistan war vets are being treated.