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The Alyona Show: Live from the Olympics

Live from Olympic Village, we start today's show as Alyona interviews three time Olympic Gold Medalist Irina Rodnina on all the hot button issues surrounding this year's Winter Games.

American forces have had a limited presense in Iraq since the withdrawal of combat troops from major cities last year. Now, as the Iraqi Security Forces put their stamp on the countries security appartuses, the Obama administration has decided to rebrand the operation in Iraq, ""Operation New Dawn" to symbolize the new objectives there. Retired United States Army Colonel, Lawrence Wilkerson sits down live with todays host Lauren Lyster to discuss the different levels of significance in changing the operations name.

Later, we ask what makes one a terrorist? What's the difference between blowing yourself up in a crowded bazaar and flying your small plane into a building with the intention of inflicting damage? Dr. Rona Fields, author of the book "Martyrdom" is in studio live to discuss what motivates someone to take the lives of others while taking their own simultaneously.

Then, Russian billionaire Lan Blavatnik is sueing JPMorgan Chase. He says the bank put twice as much of his money into risky mortgages as he had allowed them to do and he wants his money back. The bank is blaming the stock market but Lavatnick is taking them to court in New York State. RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya is live from New York to give us all the details.

Finally, the UK has taken the lead internationally on banking and finance reform, with France and the European Union at the forefront as well. The U.S. however is lagging behind and many blame the political system here. Reason Foundation economist Anthony Randazzo sits down in studio to discuss why reform is taking place across the pond but in Washington, things are moving slow.