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The Alyona Show: Karzai comes to Washington

With Hamid Karzai set to arrive in Washington, DC, everyone is asking what this trip really means. Karzai and the Obama administration have had a few hiccups in their relationship over the past few months, and yet the US war effort in Afghanistan is only increasing. So will this trip move us into the right direction, or will it be politics as usual, that utterly fail to address the realities of this war? Alyona discusses with legendary journalist Kathy Gannon.

With Karzai's visit, the US government seems to be changing its tune when it comes to the Afghan leader. So are the tensions really gone, or is this just rhetoric? Alyona catches up with RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster to get the facts.

Then, more and more, we see military contractors blogging about their experiences and telling their stories from the ground. Alyona caught up with Tim Lynch, a former marine, who's been in Afghanistan for over three years. He originally worked for the American Embassy Guard Force, but then started his own contracting company, Free Range International, and now blogs under the same name.

Later, in Russia, Victory Day is a day that children and grandchildren are told about from grandparents or other relatives who lived through World War II. But this year was a little different, to say the least. For the first time,  US,  French, British and Polish troops marched through Red Square to symbolize their joint efforts in fighting this war. Alyona interviewed Artem Zagorodnov, managing editor of Russia: Beyond the Headlines to discuss this year's very different V-day parade.

And, most kids growing up in the US have two foreign language choices in school: Spanish or French. Occasionally, you'll meet a few people that studied Latin. But these days, those languages are becoming passe  for parents that want their children to be prepared for a shift in global power and economies. Their new language of choice is Chinese. Alyona and RT Correspondent Priya Sridhar discuss the growing trend. 

Finally, Alyona and Jenny discuss a disturbing video of a dance competition where pre-pubescent girls emulated much older pop stars. So where should the line be drawn, and are parents or culture to blame?