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The Alyona Show: Ivy League Cadets

Columbia University student and ROTC Cadet John McClellan kicks off the program by discussing the Ivy League's exclusion of the ROTC program from its campuses. With the expected repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, one of the main reason for the ban on Ivy campuses,  will the schools allow the program back in? 

After his recent trip to Haiti, journalist David Wood sits down with Alyona to give a first-hand account of what's happening on the ground. Are the large international bodies doing the best job they can? How long will it take for Haiti's government to become self-sufficient? David Wood, of "Politics Daily" has the answers. RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya joins Alyona from New York City to provide details on AIG's plan to shell out $100 million in bonuses. What is the reaction in New York? Does the federal government stand behind this decision? Marina has it all covered. 

Later, RT Producer Jenny Churchill joins Alyona to debate the merits of abstinence education. A native of the Midwest, Churchill defends the usage of abstinence education in schools, while Alyona, a California gal, thinks it's a farce. In a riveting panel discussion on the usage of American drone planes, Haider Mullick, author of Pakistan's Security Paradox, Iraq Veteran Geoff Millard and war journalist David Wood debate the legality and effectiveness of pilotless aircraft in the war against extremists.