The Alyona Show: Israel's Diplomatic Suicide

When Israel announced a round of new settlement building in East Jerusalem just hours after US Vice President Joe Biden re-affirmed America’s unbreakable support to Israel, tensions between the two countries hit a new low. The US has given it’s support to restarting peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis, and see this move by Jerusalem as a slap in the face. Former CNN International correspondent Walter Rodgers joins Alyona in studio to discuss the main issues behind the new settlement announcement from Israel. 

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd (Democrat-Connecticut) laid out his proposal for financial reforms today. With people inside the US continuing to reel from high unemployment and sinking housing values, this reform comes at an extremely tense time for Americans. Anastasia Churkina joins Alyona from Manhattan to review Senator Dodd’s proposals and the stigma surrounding them.

Then, pundits on the right and on the left like to associate fringe rouge actors with larger, dangerous causes and frighten the American public. Jesse Walter, Managing editor for Reason Magazine wrote a fascinating piece for Reason Magazine on the paranoia of centrist politics in the U.S., as they react to fear mongers on both sides of the aisle. He’s with Alyona live in studio to give his perspective on the American public’s unfounded fear of those who act in the name of a supposed cause.

Later, having just returned from an Indian reservation in South Dakota, where poverty runs rampant and conditions resemble nothing else similar inside the United States, RT correspondent Kristine Frazao sits down with Alyona to describe what she saw. This is a can’t miss story of American injustice.

Finally, after allegedly using a shotgun to kill his future stepmother, who was 8 months pregnant at the time of her death, a 12 year old boy in Pennsylvania may be charged with murder in the state’s adult court system. You think no one would argue this is the right thing to do? If you’ve seen The Alyona Show before, you know we always find that special person. Stephen Piantedosi, editor of the blog People you’ll See in Hell, believes the boy should face adult charges and he’s with Alyona live.