The Alyona Show: Israel v. Iran?

 A Group of VIPs, including former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, are predicting Israel will attack Iran as early as this month, which would lead to World War III. McGovern explains that the US doesn't have the resources to get involved in another war. This group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, sent a memo to US President Barack Obama warning him of this attack. McGovern discusses the threat of a nuclear Iran and says Israel is not motivated by a fear of Iran’s nuclear weapons.

Then, free health clinics seen in struggling and developing countries have become a demand in US cities. There has been a need for these clinic volunteers to stay in America rather than going abroad to help. RT Correspondent Jihan Hafiz explains how people who can’t afford their health care are turning to clinics. She discusses how bad the situation at home has become and how some people are frustrated with this country as a developed country with a poor health care system.

Americans are getting alarmingly fat. And the foods that you may not even know are bad for you are making you pack on the pounds. Some can even increase your risk of cancer. A new report reveals that the medical costs of obesity exceed $147 billion a year, and a greater percentage of obese people is being seen in at least nine states compared with statistics from only a few years ago. Katherine Mangu-Ward, senior editor with Reason Magazine explains how the problem stems from big government influenced by companies. Is it really our right to stuff our mouths with whatever we want, or can states be allowed to implement food bans?

And, the media is in a frenzy that Obama is spending his 49th birthday alone. With his family out of town the president is spending the day working and attending a fundraiser back in Chicago. From the New York Daily News to CBS everyone is sad he’s "all alone." And then there’s Rush Limbaugh who couldn’t help himself from questioning if it’s really Obama’s birthday. Lauren calls out Limbaugh and the rest of the media for feeding into the hype of Obama’s "lonely" day.

Then, Target is giving money to an anti-gay GOP candidate. The Supreme Court ruled corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns. So Target has given $150,000 to republican Minnesota governor candidate Tom Emmer who opposes gay marriage. Radio Host Thom Hartmann calls out Emmer for being opposed to a slew of things. Hartman discusses if the Supreme Court ruling is going to lead to major headaches for corporations giving money to candidates and if we can expect boycotts to become an everyday thing.

And, a California federal judge strikes down the state’s voter-approved ban on same sex marriage. The African-American is strongly supportive of the ban. Reverend Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative, argues gay marriage is a religious issue and not a civil rights issue, therefore believes gay rights should be restricted when it comes to marriage. Christopher Chambers, Georgetown University Professor and author of the blog Nat Turner's Revenge, argues for all rights for citizens.

Finally, a Parasailing donkey, is it animal cruelty or just a fun ride? It wasn’t your average day at the beach for the sunbathers in Russia who witnessed a donkey flying over the sea in a promotional stunt. The donkey is safe and police are investigating but Ashley Byrne, PETA campaign coordinator is upset about the donkey. She tells Lauren it’s wrong to cause an animal fear and this treatment is commonly seen in the entertainment business.