The Alyona Show: Israel-Palestine talks doomed?

President Obama held peace-talks between Israel and Palestine, but will these talks do anything other than be a PR move for Obama? What can we expect from the first direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders since 2008? Richard Hellman, president of the Middle East Research Center, said these peace talks are even more likely to fail than the previous peace talks. While Fadi Elsalameen, the director general of the internet newspaper, argued for a more optimistic outcome. They discuss whether Obama will fail and if he has made the wrong move.

Stateside, the rich are only getting richer. A new report claims CEO's of major US companies average two-hundred and sixty three times the average pay of American workers. And the CEO's who had laid-off the most employees during the recession are the ones who took home the biggest pay checks. RT’s financial correspondent Lauren Lyster explained what CEO’s made it big by laying-off their workers. She indicated that new unemployment rates soon to be released are expected to be even worse than previous ones.

Then, police have been parading around the arrest of “La Barbie,” but how does this change anything in the ongoing drug war in Mexico? Edgar Valdez Villarreal, accused drug cartel kingpin first came to prominence when a video emerged suspected to be “La Barbie” himself. This represents a turning point for the Mexican drug war, where cartels began using online videos and blogs to threaten their rivals and terrorize the public. US and Mexican authorities hailed this as a mark of progress against the cartels. Sanho Tree, director of the Drug Policy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies explained how these empty cartel spaces will be filled and the cycle will simply continue. Sanho highlighted a look into one of the most dangerous groups, the Zetas, which were trained by the US but has since switched sides.

On a lighter note, virtual girlfriends are the new craze in Japan! Men now have their chose between a relationship with their girlfriend or a virtual girlfriend. There are reports of men actually travelling to resorts in Japan with their virtual girlfriends. Will this become the new phenomenon out of Japan? Will women now have to worry about their husband’s virtual friends? Japanese culture expert Roland Kelts and author of “Japanamerica,” explained how men are turning away from direct contact and turning towards these virtual dating games.

And what did they say? From Tea Partier Sharron Angle’s jibber jabber to Sarah Palin's confusing tweet. Sharron Angle said what during a radio interview? Well, whatever it was it left many confused. ABC News had to ask her to explain. Turns out, it looks like she was just speaking to her Christian audience, us godless people just don't understand! Then check out Sarah Palin’s tweet about Obama’s speech, that makes no sense. Wonkette blogger Sara Benincasa, who speaks Palin, breaks down what Palin was trying to tell us. She also interprets the dialect of Angle.