The Alyona Show: Is the US bankrupt?

‘The U.S. is Bankrupt and we don't even know it,’ said Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff. Why did Americans have to hear this from Kotlikoff rather than our own government? Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks weighs in on what the government needs to do, or say to keep the economy afloat.

Meanwhile More than a hundred unemployed 99ers crowded Wall Street to protest the end of their unemployment benefits. Many of these people have been receiving unemployment benefits for 99 weeks which means they’re at the end of the line faced with no more money coming in. RT correspondent Marina Portnaya says the 99ers have given Washington two options; create jobs, or help them out. People are frustrated because they want to work and they can’t.

Next a heated immigration debate get even hotter as some are calling for changes to the 14th Amendment. A new poll says forty-nine percent of Americans would now be in support of repealing the 14th Amendment, and to top it off a new study shows one out of twelve babies born in 2008 in the US were offspring of illegal immigrants. Immigration attorney and former federal prosecutor Michael Wildes says the constitution does not need to be changed, while John Wahala, assistant director at the Center for Immigration Studies brings the other side of the argument.

And a new battle on the immigration front has unfolded – asylum fraud. Individuals who seek and gain political asylum get to stay in the country as long as they fit the criteria but RT correspondent Dina Gusovsky explains how some people are abusing this system for their own benefit.

Then, we learn UFOs are real! A new book that gives scientific proof to the claims that UFO's really do exist has been released. Author and director of investigations for the Coalition for Freedom of Information, Leslie Kean says she has government officials on the record saying we aren’t the only ones in the universe. She says her book “UFO's: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” includes officially-documented and investigated UFO cases.