The Alyona Show: Is Obama a Wimp?

Hamid Karzai has been getting the royal treatment while here in Washington DC. Arizona is telling the rest of the country to go screw itself. Elena Kagan is maybe a lesbian, maybe not. And people are saying that Obama has short-changed voters. Alyona catches up with Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks to try to figure it all out.

Another Wall Street firm is coming under attack by the federal government. The Wall Street Journal reported today that Morgan Stanley is being investigated for allegedly misleading investors about mortgage-derivatives deals that it helped design and sometimes bet against. These cases are incredibly hard to prove, but at least the government's trying, right? Alyona gets the facts from RT's New York correspondent Marina Portnaya.

Despite the fact that some Wall Street firms are now under attack by federal investigations, we don't see too many people attacking. Yet in Ireland, protesters clashed with police during a march on the parliament to protest bank bailouts. Why do people in Europe take to the streets to protest bank bailouts, and yet here in America, despite the supposed anger by tax payers that we bailed out Wall Street, the protesting was pathetic at best?

Then, on May 11, Obama's drug czar unveiled the Obama Administration's National Strategy for Drug Control. The new strategy is supposed to shift the focus of the drug war from enforcement and criminal prosecutions to prevention and treatment, something that many law enforcement officials have been calling for. And yet if we look at the figures in this new strategy, they just don't seem to add up. Matthew Fogg, a retired Chief Deputy US Federal Marshal and active member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition explains why the new strategy isn't enough.

Finally, now, more than ever, America is divided on the issue of immigration. Obama made promises on the campaign to bring reform, which we have yet to see. So now states like Arizona say that they're taking it into their own hands and, as we all know, Arizona has passed a strict law that opens up the door for racial profiling. Despite condemnation from many sides, including from the White House and the UN, other states, want to follow suit. So what's going on here? Are we on the path to another civil war? Alyona and Jenny Churchill discuss.