The Alyona Show: Is Everyone a Russian Spy?

 A bail hearing for the couple accused of being illegal Russian agents was expected to be held today in Arlington Virginia. RT Correspondent Dina Gusovsky attended the hearing and explains why it was postponed and what the scene inside the courthouse looked like.

There isn’t enough evidence to charge the 11alleged Russian illegal with espionage. So, Alyona asks, were their tactics like those of most spies? And how much spying do we think is really going on in the world? Alyona talks to Former CIA Officer and NSC Director of Intelligence Vince Cannistraro and asks him about the supposed tactics of these alleged agents.

Then, US President Barack Obama addressed immigration concerns at American University in his first speech on immigration since taking office. Obama largely blamed partisan politics and republicans like John McCain for the lack of action. Alyona wonders what should immigration reform look like for such a divided America among the Latino community. Joining Alyona to discuss is Latino Activist Ron Gochez and John Wahala from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Later, President Obama's newly formed Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform met today. Alyona’s thinks the number one topic today was the release of the Congressional Budget Office's long-term budget outlook report. According to this report, by the end of this year, the federal debt will represent sixty-two percent of the nation's economy, the highest levels since just after WWII. Alyona asks, what about the stimulus spending that some claim we need to nurse our economy back to health. Taking a look at the consensus from economists at the G20 there is absolutely no consensus. To spend or not to spend? That is Alyona's question, and she asks it to Nicki Kurokawa from The Winston Groupand Christian Dorsey, director of External and Government Affairs at the  Economic Policy Institute.

Finally, Mark Benjamin from has been investigating the Arlington National Cemetery burial scandal for a year. He reveals how the cemetery has been mismanaged to the gross extent of mismarking graves, losing hundreds of headstones in one of the most historic sections, even burying a soldier on top of another and marking the grave unknown. Benjamin’s investigation led to the Army doing an investigation of its own. Now there's new information that takes the scandal even further against all military and federal laws. Benjamin joins Alyona to reveal how VIPs have been reserving choice plots at the cemetery.