The Alyona Show: Iran Raises the Stakes

After months of working to garner international support for a fourth round of sanctions against Iran, the US and other UN members have gotten a shock. Over the weekend, Iran signed a deal with Turkey and Brazil, in which Iran agreed to ship its low grade uranium to Turkey in exchange for nuclear fuel. But the UN isn't what you would call convinced and its too early to say that all is forgiven regarding Iran. In fact, some are saying that this is too little too late. Alyona discusses with RT's New York correspondent Marina Portnaya.

A Supreme Court ruling issued May 17 has many people scratching their heads. In a 7 to 2 decision, the court upheld a law allowing the federal government to detain "sexually dangerous" prisoners indefinitely after they have served their sentences. So if you're a sex offender, and you've served your time, that doesn't necessarily mean you're getting out. Alyona discusses this controversial decision with Georgetown Professor Christopher Chambers.

Then, on May 17 the euro reached a four year low against the dollar. Despite the bailout package announced last week, nerves remain high, and the question on everyone's mind is whether the demise of the euro—and the EU—is upon us. Alyona discusses with Gregory White from the Business Insider.

Later, on May 16, America watched the Miss USA pageant. But the questions the contestants were asked weren't about world peace. They were questions about the most politically divisive issues in the country: immigration, birth control and health insurance, and how much responsibility BP should take for the current oil spill. Is it not enough to just be hot? Do beauty contestants also have to have brains? What about politicians?

Finally, hundreds of people came out to protest on Washington, DC's K Street. It's the notorious street where the most powerful lobbyists come to work. And now, where the anger of the masses, is being taken out. Alyona talks to RT Correspondent Priya Sridhar about what she saw.