The Alyona Show: International Band of Brothers

On May 9, for the very first time, American troops marched alongside Russian troops in Red Square for a parade commemorating the 65th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. The Victory Day Parade also included troops from the UK, France and Poland. If there was any symbol that could prove that the "reset" between Russia and the US is real, this is definitely it. Alyona and The Hill Columnist Brent Budowsky discuss.

Despite a recent spike earlier this year, teen pregnancy rates in the US have been falling over the last decade. But these days, more than ever, more teens are choosing to have babies. Alyona and RT Correspondent Priya Sridhar discuss.

Part of what has made family planning possible, is of course, birth control. But 50 years after the invention of the pill, is it still too hard to come by in the US, not only in terms of access, but also, in terms of cost? Alyona and DC Planned Parenthood CEO and President Laura Meyers discuss.

Then, last week's stock market roller coaster made a lot of hearts drop. And then brought them back up. But when we think about the fact that despite low numbers reflecting the unrest in Greece, a spelling error was what really sent the market plummeting, then we have to realize that something is really wrong, that the entire system is more fragile than we think. Alyona and RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster discuss.

Finally, all of the web is abuzz with a new political ad from, that reads: The Supreme Court: Corporate America's newest Subsidiary? The controversy here lies not so  much in the ad, but in the fact that The New York Times refused to place the ad in their newspaper, because they couldn't prove the allegations were true. Was this decision right? Alyona talks about the issue with RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao discuss and radio host Thom Hartmann.