The Alyona Show: IMF vs. BRIC

The IMF's annual spring meetings have been going on in Washington, and they haven't been exactly business as usual. Greece is asking for a bailout, the global economy is still in a rut, and now more than ever, the power structures within the IMF itself are being questioned and challenged. The BRIC countries called for swift reforms when they met in Brasilia last week, and this week, the pressure is on. Now that developing economies like Brazil and China are helping to fill the IMF coffers, they want more voting power. But are Europe and the US ready to give it up? Alyona and Reason Magazine's Anthony Randazzo discuss.

Reports have come out that the Obama administration is poised to take up a Bush-era program to equip intercontinental ballistic missiles with conventional warheads. Prompt Global Strike, as the plan is called, was rejected by the US Congress time and time again during the Bush administration because of the fear that these missiles, which look exactly like a nuclear missile, could prompt another world war. The fear being that while the missile flies over the airspace of another country, it would be mistaken for a nuclear attack. So is there a Prompt Global Stike plan in America's future? Alyona discusses with Dr. Robert Farley an Assistant Professor for the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky.

Then, April 23 marks the 5th anniversary of the first video to ever be uploaded to YouTube. YouTube itself was founded on February 14, 2005, but it took a few months for the first video to make it up. So in honor of five years of viral videos, The Alyona Show put together a little tribute to some of our favorites. YouTube is the third most visited website in the world, behind it's owner, Google, and Facebook. Soon enough, it's users will be uploading 1 million videos per day. And it's revolutionized everything from music and moviemaking to the way we get our news. Alyona and co-founder of DoubleSpeak Media Matt Slutsky discuss how YouTube has revolutionized news and politics.

Later, we told you recently about a BBC world poll that showed that people around the world were beginning to see America in a more positive light. The good news is that since Barack Obama took office, most countries feel that America's image is changing for the better. But perhaps the perceptions haven't changed where it counts most. Alyona and radio host Thom Hartmann discuss why the Obama charm hasn't worked on the Muslim world.

Finally, a Pew Research Center poll shows that 80 percent of Americans don't trust the government. This is only the second time in 100 years that public morale has been this low when it comes to their feelings on the lawmakers that are supposed to represent them. But do we blame this on the current economic conditions in the country? The fact that almost 10 percent of the nation is unemployed, and frustrated and angry about it? Or do we say that there are deeper cracks within the system, that are starting to come out? Alyona and RT Producer Jenny Churchill discuss.