The Alyona Show: How not to visit the IRS

 Hours after a man flew his small engine plane into a building in Austin, Texas, reports say the pilot intended to hit the offices of the IRS. RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao joins Alyona to update you on what exactly happened in the Lone Star State. Also, Peter Beering, a recognized expert in counterterrorism joins Alyona to interpret the message that was sent by this angered pilot.

An alternative spring break in Haiti, that’s what Gregory Jesus Luc has planned for college students across the country this year. In fact, Luc has been bringing people to Haiti for spring break for 3 years, it just so happens this year will be drastically different. Luc sits down with Alyona live from New York to discuss what this trip is all about.

Later, after attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster joins Alyona live in studio to discuss what she saw at one of the country’s most talked about political events.

Silicon Valley is one of America’s crown jewel investment areas. Located in California, start-up tech firms and established multi-national corporations call Silicon Valley home, as venture capital money flows into the area to allow bright minds to do bright things. Lately however, that venture capital money has dropped and unemployment is skyrocketing. Tom Forenski, formerly of the Financial Times joins Alyona from the west coast to analyze the future of America’s technology home.

Finally, as world leaders set their sights on economic sanctions aimed at crippling Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, the media coverage of the Islamic Republic has taken a darker tone of late. From Los Angeles, Soraya Ulrick of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran, discusses the role of the United States in portraying Iran as a dangerous state and whether or not it’s working.