The Alyona Show: Hip hop politics

Hip hop and rap artists are hoping to bring hip hop back to its roots. They argue that the direction of today’s music has taken a more corporate, mainstream undertone, and lost its political bearings. Jihan Hafiz explains how hip hop and rap lyrics once were about issues that plagued communities and how these artists want to reclaim that  heritage.

Then, Glenn Beck is capitalizing on average Americans who clearly are concerned with what's happening in their country and feel like those in government aren't listening. He’s exploiting them to increase his ratings, sell more books, and wear his "Restoring Honor" t-shirts. He throws around words like socialism and uses God's name to fulfill his own agenda. Will people will notice before it’s too late?

The message of God echoed through Glenn Beck’s Tea Party rally on Saturday. Beck said America is turning back to God, but which God should America turn to? For Beck and many of his followers that’s the Christian God. Does that make America a Christian nation? Dr. Jerry Newcombe, author of "The Book that Made America: How the Bible Formed Our Nation," argues the Declaration on Independence says God is the source of our rights. Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, debates our country has a godless foundation and that we’re a proud godless secular nation.

And, after hurricane Katrina, New Orleans residents found themselves without their jobs, their homes, and without their guns. RT Correspondent Priya Shridhar explains that martial law was never declared in New Orleans at the time, but guns were still confiscated...and they haven’t been returned.  Retired Special Operations Master Sergeant and military blogger Jim Hanson says we can deal with nanny state activity, but not when it becomes a police state. Hanson explains that the federal government is the only group that has the right to supersede the Constitution, and it shouldn't do this too often.

Then, belly up to Alyona's Bar. Apparently if you drink you are going to live longer. A new study says those who abstain from drinking have a higher mortality rate than heavy drinkers. Researchers believe drinking helps ease people into social settings, and social interaction is very important to maintaining mental and physical health. Take some advice from Professor Alyona, don't binge drink, but enjoy life with a cocktail or two and you should be just fine.

And finally, US Army Reserve Colonel Lawrence Sellin wrote and op-ed that got him fired. He says that for headquarters staff, war consists largely of the endless tinkering with PowerPoint slides to conform with the idiosyncrasies of cognitively challenged generals in order to spoon-feed them information. Sellin explains the problems with the Afghan training program and why no one has spoken up before.