The Alyona Show: Has the UN Lost its Mojo?

 Today marks the beginning of the 65th annual United Nations General Assembly. How much will the 65th annual UN General Assembly really accomplish? RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya explained why the UN has a lot to make up for. She said the deadline to achieve the Millennium Development Goals stalled after the economic collapse and that today they’re not even close to meeting their goals.

Then, it seems that the government’s need to protect state secrets trumps the legal and human rights of those seeking their day in court. Last week, a San Francisco court threw out a lawsuit, after the Obama Administration stepped in, that tried to hold a US government contractor accountable for its role in a secret CIA program that sent terror suspects abroad to be tortured. So is this really about protecting national security or is it about protecting the US government. Scott Horton, Contributing Editor of Harper's Magazine, explained how the federal court is stepping in to protect public figures from embarrassment as well as legal violations.

Next, the US once amazed the world with its visionary investments in infrastructure. But as the US economy continues to crumble it seems that the transportation and infrastructure system is falling behind. So, should the US look to China as a model? Joe Weisenthal, Deputy Editor of The Business Insider explained that China is still a developing nation that is growing rapidly. He argued that it can look appealing since China is handing out a lot of business and tax breaks.

And it’s been over a month since devastating floods hit Pakistan but has the country recovered from the disaster? There are still towns and villages that remain submerged from the catastrophic floods that swept the nation. Haider Mullick, Senior Fellow at the US Joint Special Operations University recently returned from Pakistan and joins us to discuss what he saw on the ground. He explained the opportunity the US has and discussed what could happen if the US takes a more serious role.

In unrelated news… a pastor has found the real reason for our economic troubles and it comes from between a woman's legs! You may have thought Wall Street was to blame for our depressed economy, with greedy bankers who gambled our dollars like cocaine-fuelled roulette addicts on a trip to Las Vegas. Or maybe it was the government that let the bankers run unchecked. Wonkette Blogger Sara Benincasa explained why baby killers and the overweight are the real ones to blame!